Have You Ever Thought Of The Benefits Of Having A Mobile App?

The world of technology increases the popularity of brands by promoting them on the internet. Nowadays, the benefits of having a mobile app are much more significant than those of being accessible on the web. Having a mobile application for your product is no longer a trend, its brand awareness.

1. Provide Availability In Other Countries

Once you decide to make a mobile application for your product, you have the option to make it available for other countries as well. The best thing about being online is that you get a chance to be seen by the world. Once you show up on the internet, the online market is yours.

Start by population and popularity for example. The continents like America, Asia, and Europe are considered as the biggest users of technology. Making your app available at least in these three will bring you a great amount of traffic.


2. Providing Availability 24/7

In addition, if a customer wants to get some information about your brand or some of your products, it can always use the mobile application. Being available to your customers even when you sleep is one of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app and being present online.

Being 24/7 available to a consumer leads to better customer service, increased engagement, and additionally more profit. For example, you can make your application internet free but this usually depends on the brand or the product you are offering.


3. Brings You Much More Traffic

In the last couple of years, mobile applications are the leading providers of traffic. As you know, people are much more active on their mobiles than they are on their laptops. Only 5{b206b099c817867683f9c36cffca9fd6c2a8e80c2ad560a7ca466d53dfdeb6c1} of the users will be on the web, while the other percentage will be mobile users.

If you decide to make an application, then you should know that one of the benefits of having a mobile app is payment. Nowadays, it is much easier for people to buy online and do the purchasing on their phones.


4. Collector Of Data

Depending on what your brand is about, or what kind of product or service it offers, the benefits of having a mobile app for your business are numerous. You can collect all of the data you need or have for your clients on your phone. The mobile apps are the new internet of things.

For example, you are a doctor and you need to tell your clients some valuable information. That information no longer needs to be on a several printed pages because now you can have it on a mobile application. You can have all of the diagnosis, the test results, scan photos and even operation results, on your phone. Thus, you can easily tell the news to the patients.


5. Serves As A Direct Marketing

How can it serve as a direct marketing? I refer to the fact that smartphones are one of the biggest service providers. Each application has its features and has its own design that attracts customers to use it.

Therefore, you need to think smart and create something that the competition hasn’t. Furthermore, the call to action plays its role with its concise and immediately actionable buttons.


6. Builds More Valuable Brand

Living in the app-enabled world, having a mobile app became a must because it is beneficial for your brand. Companies are building trust and relationships with the customers, with the help of their apps. They promote the special deals, offer useful information, help their users whether there is a problem, or in a decision making. All of these things lead from one thing to another.

Special deals lead to customer engagement. The engagement leads to loyalty and loyalty leads to sales. You need to succeed in the above-mentioned process in order to make a profit. Once you get even more of the desired profit, you know you have succeeded in creating a valuable brand. You can easily create a successful brand with a simple mobile application.


7. Allows Mobile Payment

Why go to the stores and wait in a line with other customers for an hour, when you can buy it from your home while you are taking a sip from your coffee. The new generations do everything on their phones, therefore, they will buy on their phones.

Thus, they avoid the crowd in the local stores. With this, they save on gas, on their time and in the best cases money. They can see the discounts and other useful information on your mobile application.


8. Branding

If you already have a brand name, but you are not available on the internet, now is your time to show up. Many brands are opening internet accounts on social media like Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram in order to increase the marketing and the branding. Trust me, they are doing it right.

The benefits of having a mobile app are no longer only rumors or a trend, but reality. Applications are nowadays a must. If you want to create a successful and serious company. Having a mobile app will help you gain more customers, much more than you have without being present online, and much more than you can imagine.


9. Customer Service

One of the best reasons to create a mobile app for your business is better customer care. If your users want to ask you something about a product, or a service or anything else, they can do it on your mobile app. They do not longer need to wait for the weekend to pass in order to come and ask you in person.

Once you launch your application they can ask you all of the questions at the customer service mail, or leave you comments. When you receive these, you can give them an immediate useful answer. The quicker you give them a response, the better your customer service gets.


10. Increase Customer Engagement

Since people are always on their phones, especially the young population, one of the benefits of having a mobile app is increased customer engagement. Once the users download the application you offer, there is your engagement. Having customers is very important to your brand because once the engagement increases, the loyalty becomes real as well.


11. Quick And Easy Access

These days, many of the generations, from the 5-year-olds to the 75-year -olds, have phones and are using applications. They are carrying everywhere those portable mini gadgets because they have everything they need there.

Who needs to bother in opening their laptop if they have a mobile phone to use? One of the benefits of having a mobile app is that it offers you quick access. All of the brands are making mobile apps because people use more their phones than their laptops. You can even write in word and excel on your mobile phone. Furthermore, you can use it for work. Programmers, for example, are doing tests and debugging on mobiles.


12. Increase Profit

Once the customer’s satisfaction increases, the sales does as well.  The more a customer is pleased with your sale treatment, the more it will buy.  Satisfied customers will always come back and with your constant availability, your app will always be at reach for them. Having this in mind, it is highly beneficial for every brand’s profit increase.

Therefore, providing a product that shows numeral benefits of having a mobile app is of huge importance because the strong and valuable brands have a long term relationship with their consumers. They are attracting them and making them crave for more.


13. Informational Channel

The internet is the biggest provider of information. Therefore, once you make your app and it will be available even when you sleep, the people will be in a constant search and need of information. Everything they need to do or need to know will be on your app. You will be always “on the way”, always at reach to them.


14. Social Media Marketing

I honestly don’t know a single person that doesn’t use some of the social networks. Knowing about the Social Media Marketing, you can easily promote your brand through any of the media. You can make a tremendous traffic success with the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As you know, people are using all of the three social networks.

In addition, you can use the social media to promote your brand. This is actually, using other mobile applications in order to promote yours, which makes it one of the best benefits of having a mobile app. The last couple of years has made everything easier with the social media. While we are scrolling on our home page, we learn a great amount of news about anything going out in the world.


15. App Store

As I previously mentioned, people are constantly on their smartphones, even when they eat, it is insane. They are in constant search of some new app, something new that will give them either joy, fun or are in business need. Once you put your mobile application on the app store, people will find it, download it and then use it. It is useful for you and useful for them as well, it is a win – win situation.

The only thing you need to take care of is to make the application available for several stores. There are iOS, app store, Google Play, Windows Marketplace, Blackberry and more. This is important because people are using different types of smartphones. Consider this same as you do with the availability of the search engines.



Although I already numbered the benefits of having a mobile app, the number will grow daily. The technology and the apps are the future of the world we live in. Although it may look funny, we need them on the same level as we need electricity.