Expand your business through cross-border teams.

Enhance your technical abilities by establishing a remote IT group. Our team will locate the most talented specialists for you and coordinate all necessary arrangements. You’ll be provided with the ideal blend of technical expertise and cultural compatibility.

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We specialize in creating top-performing IT organizations in Eastern Europe, with a distinct advantage in our highly skilled personnel, consistent team performance, and transparent business operations.

  • Hire Best Senior Developers
  • 100% transparent business model
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Let us help you assemble the perfect team for your needs. Whether you’re looking for specific skills or any other qualities, we’ll assist you in identifying and acquiring the ideal group of individuals.

Our goal is to help you in identifying and acquiring the ideal team.

Software Development

No matter if it’s a basic website or a complex IoT system, and whether you need to maintain legacy code or work on cutting-edge R&D projects, we will put together the perfect development team specifically for you.

Q&A and Testing

Whether you need a full-time QA team or a more adaptable solution, we’re here to help. Our experts have the skills and experience to support your entire QA process, tailored to your specific needs.

Dev Ops.

Our team has the capability to construct your software infrastructure and process large amounts of data in the cloud. Our top software architects and IT specialists will seamlessly integrate into your team and become a valuable part of your organization

AI, ML, BI and Data Science 

Establish a team with unparalleled expertise in AI and ML. Whether you require a single expert with a PhD in your industry to design the complete architecture, or a full team of specialists, we’re here to assist you.

Dedicated Teams

Our aim is to build stable cross-border organizations utilizing the best IT and engineering talent in Eastern Europe. We carefully match top professionals with your company’s culture, processes, and tools for a harmonious working relationship. This harmony is critical to us as it fosters full commitment from your dedicated team and provides you with complete control over your nearshore operations.


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100% transparent billing

Establishing trust is a priority for us, which is why we adopt a transparent pricing model from the outset.

Medior Developer


Senior Developer


I worked with the 4Virtus agency for the client in Germany for a period of 2 years. They worked great. Definitely recommend.

- Julia, Senior Software Developer

We make the difference.

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  • Stay in control
  • You call the shots
  • Transparent pricing model
  • No customer lockedin
  • Team harmony and stability