Digital Marketing

Want to make your business successful? Then you might consider content writing. Living in the age of technology, content writing is a profitable free tool.

Over the years, the strategies for creating flawless, profitable business have drastically changed and content writing is one of the most compelling evidence. It is important to realize that besides all the paid marketing you need, you must include web content as well.

For business companies that have worked in the “old school” way of promoting their services and products may be a tough call to make. As an illustration, they are still practicing the old marketing strategies. Markedly, they spend a huge amount of money on paid campaigns. To enumerate, there are the TV commercials, the guerilla marketing, flyers and other expensive campaigns.

What do you think: What makes a successful business?

Another key point is that you need to cope with trends. All the marketing types used in the previous years were trends. Although some consider it as unfortunate, the trends have drastically changed.

However, a large number of companies do not realize the benefit of content marketing. If in the previous years, flyers were a plan of the strategy, now it is the content writing, and it is awesome.

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What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a type of online writing and is linked to web marketing campaigns. It refers to any type of text that is created on a device whether is a computer, smartphone etc. The writing is intended for viewing and reading online only.

It is very similar to a newspaper article that journalists write, just online. In addition, this content appears on certain business websites designed to promote or sell a particular product. In particular, this website content is provided for specific readers that are called target audience.

Another thing to remember is that it does not include any specific format.  On the other hand, it is guided by certain principles that any content writer should strictly follow and respect. Due to these principles, the content grabs visitor’s attention on the search results.

Provided the kind of service and product you are offering to your viewers, they will visit your website. Point often overlooked, visitors only stay on the content that they are interested in or they find helpful regarding their needs.

Under those circumstances, the written content should be promoted on several sources. The more sources you have to promote your content the better.

  • First, you need to have a blog on your website
  • Second, you need to be present on the social networks


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With Quality Content to Better SEO Results

Nowadays, every product and every kind of service are being sold online. Each day, the internet is filled with products and services, and the demand is getting larger. With this in mind, it is beneficial for businesses to be present online. In order to reach your goal, you must provide content writing as well.

To those that think they do not need content writing to improve the growth of their business – You got it all wrong! Although content and SEO are two different concepts, content writing is part of on-page SEO. Think about it, if you need SEO for your business then you should reconsider about the website content as well. Therefore, it is a crucial part of your business advancement.

  • Keeping up with algorithm
  • Content Writing Brings Visibility in the Search
  • Smart Content, Better Site Rankings
  • Human to Human Marketing (H2H)


Keeping up with algorithm

In order to make it to Google’s page rank, it is important for you to follow the algorithm. Google is constantly changing the algorithm and you need to cope with it. The algorithm chases after organic traffic and content writing are considered as the best unpaid and effective tool to achieve your goals by far.

Content Writing Brings Visibility in the Search

If you want to be seen, noticed, or heard of, in that case, you definitely need content writing. This concept has a power which you haven’t really thought of. Further, once you are visible to readers, they start visiting your web content and that brings you better rankings.

To emphasize, the right content writing strategy will make you visible. Thereupon, once you become visible, there are certain ways to connect not only with customers but with other business as well. It is important to realize that you become visible worldwide and not only to a specific people.

Smart Content, Better Site Rankings

Henceforth, a smart content writing not only includes keywords and internal linking but external linking as well. The ranking of a site is measured by link building. The process of external link building is called off-page SEO.  This SEO process provides a higher domain authority and this DA is the key to making your website beat the competitors.

Human to Human Marketing (H2H)

In this case, H2H marketing is a form of marketing that connects humans like has never before and it is all done with the help of technology. It includes information that humans provide in order to make it available online to other humans.

Thus, starts the connection with H2H with content writing. Moreover, the content writer is providing certain data in a form of article for humans to view or read. Another point is that it does not matter how many you spend as long as you do not provide a reliable source of information.

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Content Writing is Cheaper Than Any Other Marketing

With content writing, you get visitors and traffic without paying a huge amount of money. The writing of the content is called an organic traffic. To illustrate, organic traffic is a type of traffic that you make without any kind of paid marketing. Isn’t that great news for the new businesses?

Thus, every business can make a huge amount of profit without spending a dime.

Correspondingly, it is the new way of money saving strategy which will save you tons of money you used to spend on different paid marketing. Furthermore, you do not need any old kind of marketing in order to turn visitors into customers. Hence, you need great content.

Providing great web content for users is only done by paying attention to trends and you will attract a solid number of customers. To clarify, attracting customers with content will only create readers that will be hungry for your information in a form of article.

Things to remember: The organic traffic is most likely to rank on Google than the paid one.

Of course, the paid marketing is considered as the most profitable but that is the problem among every businessman. They always think that the paid and the more expensive are the best. Although this may be true, not in each case does that work or leave an impression.

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Turning Visitors Into Customers

Besides being the cheapest way of driving traffic, content writing is the most effective as well. More importantly, you can attract thousands of unique visitors. You did not think that it is possible, right?

Well, there are two fundamental things that every human involved in the business world should have in mind.

  • First, no one becomes a professional overnight.
  • Second, you need patience.


Furthermore, in order to succeed in gaining visitors, you need to make your content valuable. With this in mind, providing reliable and readable information is crucial. As long as you keep in touch with the content and on-page SEO trends, Google will take you to the first list.

The ride may be a little longer for you to make it to the top, or not. Correspondingly, everything depends on the content strategy.  With a great content plan you can turn visitors into users, and then turn users into loyal customers.

Once you turn them into customers then you can say that your business is starting to grow. To illustrate, if you are in e-commerce or you sell some kind of service, sell or offer a product then you will need content writing.

The visits will not make money alone and will not create a successful business. For this reason, you need to create valuable customers that will be hungry for more and will come back to your website. Thus, you can turn your website into popular one and then into a profitable one.

Things to remember: Do not judge anything before time.

Nonetheless, before you make a statement, make a research and leave some space for test and experiment until you get the end results.

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Websites for Writers to Post Their Work

New businesses that are aware of the advantages of practicing it, love it. With the right strategy and tools, you can take your business on the right path. Besides having your own website domain, you need to provide digital marketing as well.

As shown above, having a blog on your site is a must however you need to be present socially as well. Being seen on social networks is another free tool that will raise your business above the competitors.

Social Media

To begin with, you need to go online and specifically on social media. Social media offers a wide range of services to use and that can turn into a useful tool for your business. To put it another way, with the right social media strategy, you will go to the path of success and nothing else.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter, etc.


Social media is so popular that not only business but other people use it as well. Those people that use these social media sites can become your users as well. To put it differently, they are changing their algorithms and are making their services to be your services too. Notably, they even made sales available which ease your job even more.

High PR Sites

To continue, you need to be seen on the high PR social bookmarking sites too. In this case, you can use their services more for the sake of off-page SEO. Here are a few sites to use:

  • Reddit
  • Stumbleupon
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr, etc.


Specifically, these sites are used for external links. Chiefly, these links are the path that leads the readers to your website with the help of the search engines. They are all free tools that you might find even more helpful than the marketing you used to spend tons of money.

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In the long run, content writing is a must. Although you need to include digital marketing in your strategy, you must not forget the content writing. Henceforth, is an additional and modern strategy for you to practice if you want to be seen on the first page in the search results.

As has been noted, the concept is different from SEO, however, they go together and you need all of it in order to reach your goal. For the most part, it is cheap, effective and easy for you to include it in your marketing strategy.

Given these points, the internet is more important than ever and with the advances of Search Engine Optimization techniques, the trends change as well. Content writing is the latest trend to use for your business. The market is competitive, yet with the right plan, the search engines will respond positively to your text.

Ultimately, a great content requires great strategy. With the help of the content, you can provide any additional information you need your readers to know. Whether is about your company, services, products etc.

After all, it is the cheapest and easiest way to practice, and you can make money from home. There are millions of people who are working with content and make an empire with the least spent money on marketing, and you have no idea.

In essence, the internet is a wild field of information and services for enterprises to use, take advantage of them. With the help of the internet and content, you can expand your business on the whole new level. To sum up, it is the fairest way of merchandising.

Having said this makes me wonder,

Do you still think content writing is not a reliable tool for promoting your business?