Have you ever heard of the concept Internet of Things but you are not certain about its meaning? What exactly means? Is it beneficial or puts your life and business at risk? Information revealed.

Internet Of Things

As the virtual world rises, the physical decreases. Nowadays, is all made possible with the internet of things. At this point, the concept includes all of the devices that are communicating and exchanging data.

To begin with, it connects any device through Internet networking. In other words, washing machines, cellphones, watches and many other smart gadgets and applications.

Correspondingly, it has a potential to highly impact our lives. It is a giant network which enables people to communicate.

Internet Of Things History

With the fast growing of technology, we sometimes forget about the greatest minds. The smart objects used for communicating existed hundred years ago, while some that we are using today, were only a vision.

  • Alphabetic Code, Gauss and Weber – In 1833, Wilhelm Edvard Weber, German physicist and Carl Friedrich Gauss, mathematician, created an telegraph code to communicate with each other.


  • Wireless, Nikola Tesla – In 1890, Tesla did the first transmitting experiment of resonant and capacitive coupling. He demonstrated its first wireless system in 1891 at the Columbia College. Source:


  • First DNS – In 1984, the domain name system was introduced. It is a hierarchical naming system for computers, services and other sources on the Internet.


  • First IoT device, John Romkey – In 1990, a toaster introduced by Romkey, is considered as the first IoT device. The toaster could be turned off and on over the Internet. It was connected to a computer with networking.




  • The popularity of IoT – In 1999, Kevin Ashton, one of the founders of Auto-ID Center, interpreted the concept “Internet of things”. In his presentation, Ashton says that the point of implementing the IoT is to transform the idea of life and make things easier for humans.


  • IoT is “born” – In 2008-2009, the number of smart devices increased. Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), is an innovation proof.


  • Internet Protocol Version 6 – In 2011, Cisco and IBM marketing introduced the term. It is the latest version of IP, communication protocol, providing location and identification system for computers on internet networks.



In the world of futurism, the list of the benefits of the internet of things is getting bigger every day. The advancement of technology is rising and making it much easier for humans. It improves the efficiency in every field of the business, work and profession.

With the help of the devices and the applications, the companies can improve the effectiveness of their businesses. To put it another way, it is beneficial for using its services for Social Media Marketing. You no longer need to go door to door and offer your company’s services or products. Source:

The people, mostly new generations prefer the internet of things over the physical information. This is the way that the world is used to function, we live in the 21st century after all. People are buying everything from the internet. They buy clothes, technology items, devices, food and even furniture.

Whatever you need to learn, it is there on the social media. We learn how to cook, we learn languages, we even learn how to code. It is like, you do not need a medicine faculty anymore, you can learn everything from the internet sources.

Furthermore, the communication is much easier. We no longer need to waste our time in order to carry some details. Everything that we need to tell, or offer something to someone – the internet of things helps us.


The information that travels through the internet is called intelligent information. The information we like to transfer is no longer a part of the physical communication, but the internet communication.

The internet of things does not only include easier communication. In the world of technology, everything is progressing quickly. The inventions and creativity exist to make human life much simpler and safer.

Internet Of Things Devices

Every day we learn about a new smart device with its own kind of helpful features. Some help us to communicate better, while others help us in the kitchen. How far do you think technology has come?

Smart Remote

Have you ever dreamed of living in the world of Harry Potter and have magic capabilities? Well, consider this smart, universal remote as a magic wand.

With its impeccable system, it allows you to control everything in your home. WiFi, Bluetooth, or even Infrared.


First of all, you need to point at a device and then it adapts on anything. This is due to the remote’s smart touchscreen.

For example, point it at your fireplace, will allow you control of the thermostat. Furthermore, pointing it at smart light bulb, enables you to change colors.

Smart Kitchen

Have you ever wondered what would it be like going home to an already cooked meal? – It must be marvelous, since it is hard sometimes to motivate yourself and cook after a long day.

The robochef is a cooking machine whose prototype is created by Tim Anderson. It works in 3D motion capture, first records human actions and then converts them in movements. Source:

Together with the robochef, comes a recipe library, a dishwasher and a refrigerator. Except that will wash your dishes, you can control it with a an app.

The machine also has a name, Moley. It will be like your personal cook. Maybe, by the release date they will make it talk, so you can chit chat, or maybe exchange some recipe ideas. Amazing!

Smart Lock

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have forgotten to lock the door? Well, thanks to the internet of things, there is an end to this.

Now you have the chance to keep your home safe from theft and your thoughts. For instance, if you forgot to lock the door and you already got out, you can do it from your phone, regardless the place.

The August device is a set of 4 pieces and they are all connected. As a consequence, will keep you safer than ever.

  • Smart lock – The lock can be controlled from your phone.
  • Doorbell cam – Seeing everything at the front  door, who walks in and who walks out. In addition, lets you speak with them.
  • Smart keypad – Allows you creating your own pass codes.
  • Connect – A remote allowing you to control the lock.



Eating slowly is important for your digestive system. If you eat too fast you will hardly have a control over your weight. This fork is electronic and helps you track and control eating habits.

When you are eating too fast, the Hapifork alerts you to slow down. This functions with the help of indicator lights and a gentle vibration.

Additionally, you have a mobile app together with the fork. Consequently, you can track the progress of your eating habits. Another of its great features are:

  • Measuring time of eating
  • Amount of fork servings, per minute
  • Intervals between the servings


Internet Of Things Applications

Just like devices, there are applications that are making human life easier. There are exceptional technologies creating a whole new world.

Strangely enough, the world is rapidly changing. There are so many new devices, we can’t cope with trends anymore.

For example, there are smart kitchens, smart homes and even smart grids that actually create smart cities. It is considered that by 2020 there will be 50 objects.  

Smart Home

In my opinion, this new Apple‘s smart home application is definitely #1. People are searching for this app like crazy. Do you wonder why is that?

First of all, it has an easy to understand interface. Second of all, it is the most helpful home app, especially if you have kids.

At the same time, keeps you and your home organised. In fact, lets you organize the outdoors as well.

In any case, lets you command everything. Starting from the kitchen, bedroom, living from and next – the office. Of course, it makes your life easier.

For instance, you can create a scene “I’m Home” which by one click, turns all the lights on. On the other hand, you can create one called “Leaving Home” which turns the lights off.

Similarly, you can get give it a command to heat the water before you get out of bed or get home. Furthermore, you can make your voice be the ON/OFF switch.

Smart City

If you are a person who wants to travel, no doubt you want to know the best places to visit. Therefore, with the help of the internet of things, your problem is solved. Source:

The smart city app gives you a quick insight and information about all city categories. Whether you need info about the closest bank or bus station, the app has got you covered.

Most Powerful IoT Companies

Although the concept is new, it is quickly growing. As a matter of fact, more companies are preparing for the internet of things world. There is a firm research to show the results. However, who are the top leaders and most powerful companies?

1. Cisco (CSCO) 

Instead of internet of things, Cisco has reinvented the concept. With the help of the “Internet of Everything”, by 2020, comes the biggest connection of objects.

Cisco has created numerous services, starting from network connectivity to data analysis and management. Probably, everyone will use the networking to communicate.

2. Google (GOOGL)

Other than having developed the biggest search system, Google’s massive cloud has a great place for the needs of IoT.

3. Dell (DELL)

Being among the largest technology corporations, Dell offers device connectivity, back-end storage as well as analysis platforms in order to manage the data. In 2014, Dell and Intel opened an IoT lab in Silicon Valley. Ultimately, they are preparing for the world of futurism.

4. IBM (IBM)

The International Business Machines Corporation is also preparing for the upcoming IoT world. The Watson platform is a cloud-based environment for applications, software, and services for industries. It includes analytics as well.

www.microsoftinsider.eSource: www.microsoftinsider.e

5. Microsoft (MSFT)

You did not think that Microsoft will stay behind in the first place. The Azure cloud includes Hub where users can connect and control the devices. It also has streaming analytics, along with a machine learning.

6. Amazon (AMZN)

Amazon developed a cloud space which is a huge, secure data storage. Its services are presumably word-class because they also offer data insights. They use tools like Kinesis (real time service), S3 (Simple Storage Service) as well as Dynamo DB (massive database).


As a conclusion, I can say that we need these smart gadgets and applications in our lives. As a result of the internet of things, our lives will be simpler, safer and well organised. We can also make information travel faster than ever. Do you still think that the thought is the fastest thing on planet earth?