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Have you ever heard of on page SEO? Well, this is your time to learn to quickly grow yours on page strategy. You only need to carefully follow our guide and you will learn everything you need to know in order to succeed.

What is On Page SEO?

When you write a question on Google’s search engine, you get results. Those results that you look at and click to, are pages which are optimized in order to appear in your search.

To begin with, on page SEO is a visibility process when it comes to Google’s algorithm. Optimizing your page in order to rank higher in the search is like a highway leading you to success. However, there are some factors you need to take into consideration.

When it comes to the on page, it is a one-part process of the entire search engine optimization. Correspondingly, the whole process is challenging, and it takes great optimization for achieving results in the visibility of a web page. Everything that you do on the page that you work on, affects your rank.

On Page

The world of SEO may be complex and certainly takes time until you make an impression on Google. Sometimes, even the best processes or pieces of advice can’t put you in the top 10 page rank. It is a scale of 10 which you need to climb on in order to reach the top.

In order to build a perfectly optimized page, you need to think of the content, the ranking factors, the tools, and analytics as well.

On Page SEO Blogger

Besides being important for marketers, on page SEO is fundamental for content writers too. The bloggers, including the copy-writers, need to know how to optimize content in order to rank it higher in the search engine. Alternatively, without a proper page optimization, the rank on the first page, may only be real in your dreams. Even though the on page rules have changed, there are factors still being one of the most important when it comes to ranking.

Furthermore, the on page SEO for writers covers all the work you do yourself and includes the quality of the article.  To illustrate, the well-done optimization of a keyword and the value of meta tagging in texts, which is explained later in the article.

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On the subject of this, keywords are probably the most important. Why do I say this? According to Google’s algorithms, you need certain keywords to put in your text. Those keywords are called target keywords and are recognized by the robots and put your page in a higher ranking.

Once you target a specific keyword to use, moreover, you need to pay attention to keyword density. Thus, your article will be shown as the most relatable to the readers and will certainly gain more readability.

Thereupon, you need to provide reliable information in the text besides the place of the keywords. You need to explain things carefully so that the reader understands it and comes back to your page and more importantly, your website.

On Page SEO Ranking Factors

Every step of the way in SEO has its weight. If you take a look at our Beginner’s Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 1, you will see that learning SEO isn’t that hard. On the contrary, it is interesting and challenging too.

On Page SEO

In addition, there are some factors to take into consideration. As shown above, keywords need to be included in the content for achieving the best ranking results possible. With this in mind, there are other places in the content where keywords need to be included. For instance, complementing the page title with the words included in the heading tags, allows readers to clearly see what the page is about.

  • Title tags
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Heading tags


Title Tags

Perhaps, title tags are the most vital part when it comes to content optimization. The title tag is what the page is about in the first place. In particular, people will open your page once they see the title. At the same time, it is important for you to keep the title short and descriptive.

Also, you can try adding modifiers to it, such as: ”2017”, “best”, “ultimate”, “guide” etc. Not to mention that these will help you get more clicks. Additionally, always try placing your keyword in the beginning of the title, or start the title with that particular word.


On Page SEO

Why am I saying this? To tell the truth, people are searching that keyword of yours, meaning they see it in the title. Additionally, they read it first in the title (as you know, we read from left to right). Thus they know if an article’s title has what they need to read and get the information about.

For instance, you may have already seen some page examples where the title begins with a keyword. Those are not placed because the writer seemed it will be more beautiful like that. On the contrary, that is a well-thought strategy in order to rank in Google which you should also put into practice.

Meta Tags

The meta tag is another crucial aspect regarding the content marketing techniques. In general, it may not be of such an importance to on page SEO as it once was but is definitely a plus. If you use it, it will definitely improve your traffic. Similarly, meta tags are made to get you higher rankings and correspondingly, a higher number of visitors.

Meta Descriptions

In addition, the newest ranking factor by Google is customer satisfaction. Not only is important to build links and strategies but is important to think about customers as well.

Therefore, writing engaging meta descriptions will bring you more users. To put it differently, a meta description shows the user what he will find on your page. Thus, he knows whether he will find the information he needs on your web page or not before he even clicks on it.


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Why is important to have a well-written meta description? By this, you create a higher click-through rate. To put it differently, visitor clicks are your organic traffic. And as shown above, the newest Google’s higher ranking algorithm is from satisfied customers.

Thereupon, there are meaningful on page SEO tips and tricks for improving your SEO tags that you can easily pull off and make progress at your page rank. As Brian Dean says, you need to try everything before you learn what the right thing to do is. Regardless, of the experience you have, a beginner or advanced, it is never late for you to learn some SEO techniques.

Heading Tags

Even though the value of heading tags has decreased, they are still a fundamental part of the work regarding the on page SEO. Keyword rich headings are important to be present in your text because the engines have the ability to determine what is crucial in your content. The crawlers are smart and differentiate the importance of the content as well as the headings or subheadings in every text.

In addition, heading tags are consisted of several body tags, to demonstrate, H1, H2, H3, H4 etc. Make sure your keyword is placed in one or several of these body tags. Although you may consider this as a non-ranking factor, on the contrary, it is. Therefore, do it along with the above mentioned on page SEO techniques and wait until you see the results.

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On Page SEO Links

Besides the above-mentioned factors, link building is also needed. When it comes to link building and on page SEO, we have some hell of elements regarding this subject. Even though according to Brian Dean from Backlinko, it is the most challenging section of SEO, it is the most interesting one of all.

With regard to this, it is fundamental for you to keyword optimize the links. As an illustration, putting the keyword in your page URL in a descriptive way, so that is visible to people, it matters. Why does it need to be visible? Because when people go to the search engine on Google, they will be able to see what the link they are about to click refers to.


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Thus, they will know if the information they need to learn or see is on your page or not. Accordingly, don’t look at this as a bad thing, on the contrary, look at it as a huge benefit. As shown above, people make their search by keywords, and putting the keyword in your URL will attract visitors, and possibly gain customers. On the condition that you put the keyword in your page link, Google will recognize that is a part of your anchor text.

On Page Optimization SEO Tool

According to Neil Patel, besides the on page SEO techniques, there are SEO tools proven to work. These tools are actually an additional help to your on page SEO strategies.


To begin with, I am more than certain that everyone heard or at least read something about the existence of Ahrefs, even the newbies. In addition, it has amazing features which allow you to:

  • track your backlinks
  • discover and track your keywords
  • track mentions
  • check the competitors


Together with all of the features, further, you get tools that you can use for your improvement:

  • content explorer
  • site explorer
  • positions explorer
  • crawl report
  • ahrefs alerts


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Google Analytics

Similarly, there is the Google analytics, for instance, it gives you an overall analysis of your work results. With the incredible features of his, this Google tool enables you to see all of your web site data:

  • Audience overview
  • Active users
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Behavior
  • Conversions



Moz is one of the top 3 providers of SEO techniques. The e-books they have, and the tips and tricks they have a wide content offering you to learn something new. Besides the helpful and numerous pieces of advice from Rand Fishkin from Moz Team, also called the Wizard of Moz, they offer useful SEO tools as well.

  • Targeting keywords with Keyword Explorer
  • Open Site Explorer and research
  • On page SEO metrics


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On Page SEO Analysis

Once you do all of your work, you need to track the results. Tracking the results brings you improvement in your strategy. Thus, you track the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of users, which allows you to improve your flaws.

On the positive side, having analysis overview, allows you to see which on page SEO checklist you’ve done right, and which you didn’t. Thus, you are able to improve yourself and your page rank, which more importantly, somehow leads to a better domain rank.

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In summary, when you optimize a page, it takes a whole step by step SEO process to do everything right. Having said this, I thought of Rocky Balboa climbing the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art when he was preparing for the big win.

It may sound a crazy comparison, but I want you to think of Rocky’s desire and hard work of winning the match and climbing the stairs. Given these points, you will know how much you want to reach the top of the scale. In this case, the stairs are the on page SEO steps and your climbing goal is the Google rank

All things considered, if you are working in this marketing branch, is important for you to always read. Read about the latest changes, trends and most importantly, read about the Google’s algorithm change. It is the algorithm which matters after all. Once you get to keep up with the algorithm, you are on the right path. To summarize, this is how you succeed in making an on page SEO on steroids strategy.