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Many of you are already familiar with the guide to SEO but do you know about the off page SEO? The beginner’s guide to off page SEO factors starts now. Everything you need to know about the concept, the interesting strategies, and techniques, I got you covered.

Question for the audience: Is it better to concentrate on quality content and on the on-page SEO than on off page?

What Is Off Page SEO?

The definition of the concept itself, off page SEO, covers everything that takes action apart from your website’s pages. To clarify, it involves the promotion of a particular content for the purpose of higher ranking in the search results.

To begin with…

The off page SEO action is mainly followed by getting links from other websites. This part of search engine optimization includes three sub-parts:

  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Social Bookmarking


For the purpose of ranking, all of these previously mentioned parts are strongly connected. The first, the link building cannot survive without the social media etc. Granted that you are working on all of these, your website will flow to the list of 10.

off page seo

The link building is a complex concept for particular beginners. Sometimes, it takes some time in order to study it before you put it into practice. However, a great practice leads to perfection, right? For this reason, I will explain it later.

Furthermore, the social media is considered as an SEO booster when it comes to ranking. And while some people are keeping up with the Kardashians, great SEOs are keeping up with trends. Social networks have great sources that you can use in order to achieve your desirable rankings.

Conversely, social bookmarking is not considered as the most effective way to boost your ranking. However, it is a plus in order to promote content. Therefore, feel free to use some websites such as the,,, as well as etc.

Off Page SEO vs. On Page SEO

As an illustration in the Beginners Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Part 2, SEO includes many factors. To explain, there are two main areas of SEO:

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO


Although they are different from one another, the off page and on page SEO are like a quality pair of shoes. Markedly, they stand separately but they always go in a pair, together. Certainly, the one cannot go without the other and they are both important for gaining quality visitors.

Off page SEO

To illustrate…

It is important to realize that on page SEO answers the question “what your website is about”? Furthermore, it covers everything that is happening or is done on your website in particular. On the other hand, the off page answers the question, “how authoritative is your website”? In other words, off page SEO definition covers every activity made outside your website.

However, they are both fundamental parts of your SEO campaign. Although they are both different parts of this branch, one cannot function without the other. In order to succeed in your strategy, you need to work on the two of them at the same time.

Another key point is that the engines take the on page SEO factors and off page SEO factors into account as well. Then subsequently, they return the best results to the searcher. Additionally, according to the off-page checklist for SEO, there are still many factors which cover the search engine ranking. Henceforth, the factors I further explained down below.

Off Page SEO Techniques

Once you decide to work with off page SEO, you are entering the most competitive branch of marketing – the internet marketing. Furthermore, growing your site in a competitive industry takes doing something crazy in order to stand out from the competitors.

With this in mind, I am pretty sure that you have worked on a great content but you hardly ever succeeded in gaining traffic. Am I right? Therefore, there is a technique that will make your effort finally pay off.

Off page SEO

Using the Skyscraper technique, you will get what you want. Moreover, there are few steps that will take you to the first page of Google:

  • Create unique content that will attract links, social shares, comments, and traffic. One thing you need to do is to make a competitive keywords research.
  • Make your content more thorough. If your content is not thorough it will hardly make it to the list of 10 in Google’s rank.
  • Create designed content. Generally speaking, the better the design, the higher the value.


Once you make the steps, as shown above, it is time for you to send emails. It is really important to target your audience. Instead of sending it to random people, send the email strategically to people who are very likely to link to you. With attention to this, the whole process is further explained in detail.

Off Page SEO Link Building

Fact: Link building is the quickest way to tell people that you exist.

In this case, the beginners involved in off page SEO world are confused in getting people link to their content and websites in particular. For one thing, they do not realize that is easier than they think it is. Moreover, link building might be the easiest way to get you organic search engine traffic. To demonstrate, the more links, the higher you rank.

Namely, here are some off page SEO tips about link building that will certainly change your traffic:

  • Create and publish a high-quality infographic on your website
  • Start promoting your content (infographic) to the right people
  • Offer them unique content


Once you achieve in making a quality infographic, the next important step is to promote it to the right people. Notably, the right people that will link to your content are actually the people who already share the same topic that you do. To demonstrate, these people might be bloggers, users or even better, customers to other competitors that might become yours. It is simple, right?

Off page SEO

Finding these users and promoting the content to them, you show that you respect their time and interests. In addition, finding these people to promote content can get you way more traffic. This means that their users will not only visit your website but might start using your product.

Once they start using your product they will become your customers. And once you gain customers, you gain organic traffic. People talk, they gossip and gossips spread fast. This means that your users will talk about your product to others. Human to human (H2H) marketing is the best and unique free way for gaining traffic.

Question for the audience: Are you still having trouble ranking to the first page?

Off page SEO Link Building Method

Subsequently, there is a method included in the step of link building that is proven to be effective. As shown above, it is all about the external links. The more external links you put on your page – the better. These external links are also considered as referral links, meaning when someone links to a particular source, the engines find it as a great source. Therefore, meet the black hat SEO.

What is black hat SEO?

The process of link building itself led us to the black hat SEO. It is a technique that Google managed in order to protect the search engine from the spammers. There are two types of black hat techniques:

  • Follow
  • Nofollow


To begin with the Follow type, it includes all of the sources that you link to. Thus, you are letting the search engines know where the links are coming from.

On the contrary, the Nofollow link is a type of link which tells the search engine not to take it into account. Hence, it is done for the sake of your page in not telling the engines that you are exchanging or selling some links. Thereupon, if you find a source that you cannot trust, but has great content you simply put the Nofollow tag, to protect your website.

Off page SEO


Off Page SEO Tools

For one thing, working with SEO without a slight touch of a tool might be for some a mission unaccomplished. A point often overlooked, this branch of internet marketing knows to be complex, and sometimes, when you get stuck, you need a little push. There are times when you are in need of an off page SEO tool. Furthermore, I made you a brief list of the most compelling evidence and example of off page SEO tools:


Moz has impeccable services of giving you a complete SEO toolset, offering you a unique traffic data. Hence, acquired success in SEO takes time. Moreover, Moz gives you a streamline where you can save time by focusing on your strategy. Thus, you can allow yourself to be found among the billions of searches made each day. Moz’s services include:

  • Open site explorer
  • Campaign track
  • Keyword opportunity research
  • Crawl error
  • Driving customers


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is amongst the most beneficial tool to use when it comes to off page SEO. People are considering it as one of the most effective ways that have gained then success in a short amount of time. As the world of marketing changes, the Google Adwords changes its platforms in order to give you the best service possible. More importantly, it is all due to the excellent features.

  • Increases Customers
  • Gives you fast, understandable results
  • It gives you high-quality traffic overview
  • Lets you find out everything about the market
  • Keyword research


As a conclusion, it is an advertising tool that gives an opportunity to convert your visitors into customers as well as business leads. It is also easy to use, it has a maximum relevance and it is cost effective. The most important part is that it has an overall Google analytics on traffic results.

Quick question: How do you find this Google tool?

Off page SEO


Explicitly, Majestic is also found among the best tools to use. Moreover, it is known as the most advanced backlinks tool. To point out, its intelligent database is considered as provided with the most detailed search engine information.

  • SEO for professionals
  • Media Analytics
  • Entrepreneurs tool
  • Competitor comparison
  • Exploring domain in detail


Besides the powerful features, it has a list of special offers on annual pricing and plans allowing you to choose one, regarding your needs. Specifically, it gives you indexed and detailed information about every process you made for your website.

Social Media

As mentioned above, besides being a factor in ranking, social media is also considered as a tool. Forthwith, feel free to use all of the social networks in order to promote your website. Although there are some strategies involved regarding the social media marketing, it is a huge source of traffic by all means. As you may know, it includes reasonable, effective networks to use.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat


Reader’s Hint: The point of using social media, is actually in using the features that each of them has.

off page seo


To begin with, Ahrefs, an immensely useful tool for every kind of service, whenever you are in need of, it is there for you. Ahrefs has a huge database of backlinks and will help you check everything you need to know about yours and your competitor’s website too. Why is this helpful? It allows you to find out more about the competitors and how you can outreach their ranking. It also offers you a friendly guide on how to use it.

Expressly, it offers beautiful tools and features that will help you get higher ranking for sure. Hence, it will make your work much easier:

  • Track your backlinks
  • Find the most relevant keywords
  • Know what your competitors are doing
  • Analyzing competitors strategies



To summarize, off page SEO takes time in order to crawl your website in the search engine results. Although it is connected with on page SEO, there are still people believing that by doing only the one of them has given them results. Given these points, do you find off page SEO effective?

Given these points, do you find off page SEO effective?